Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Most Eccentric Shed Ever Built

It has to be said and 'The Most Eccentric Shed Ever Built' has to be shared This is the most eccentric, crazy and astonishing shed that I've ever seen. It's fab! I can't believe Alex Holland managed to fudge together the roof in such a damp proof and water tight way - well then again boats weren't designed to let in water now, were they? Abso-shedding-lute genious! The roof is a 16ft long clinker built boat, and allegedly an antique now built between 1900-1910.

It's such an ecclectic mix of eras that exudes so much personality. It looks like a really tough project to have completed and I don't envy Alex in this respect.

I may just have to set up an interview with Alex, I'd love to know the ins and outs of how he mutilated that 1940's caravan and put together this random and eccentric capsized shed in the middle of nowhere! :)

GOOD OPPORTUNITY HERE: Read further down in that article / reader pic and... appears as though the Telegraph is publishing reader images of sheds.

  • Have you got a love of sheds? 

Have you created a wacky, weird or wonderful master crafts piece for your great outdoors?

If so it could be worth sending it to the Telegraph!

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  4. I haven't made it that far but I do think you have to finish part III first since "Expand Storage" is part of that quests. I am stuck at part II waiting to collect from the storage shed.

  5. Wow that is indeed one of the most unique shed i've ever seen. So creative too!

  6. Oozing with creativity! Only the talented and creative can do amazing sheds like that!

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