Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Finding Your Perfect Shed MK II

Your shed is a practical place, with a practical purpose; to store your belongings out of the way and to keep them safe.  So, it is important to make sure that you have the shed that best meets your needs.  However, there are so many to choose from that you may not always pick the best one for you, so here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re shopping.

What do you need from your shed? There are so many wonderful looking sheds to choose from that sometimes it is easy to get blinded by aesthetics and not think practically.  If you have another large storage space like a lock up or a garage, your shed could just be a place for overspill and may not need to be that large.  There is such a big size range available to you that you don’t need a massive shed if you don’t require one, and if you buy a shed that is too big, chances are you will just buy unnecessary things to put in it; leave yourself a little extra room but don’t go crazy.  Sheds and Things have a great range of sheds in different sizes and their website is definitely worth a visit due to the vast range that they offer.  Similarly, if you have no other storage areas, then it is worth investing in a shed that is large and sturdy, so everything can be stored in one place.  It is ok to want to think about the aesthetics too, though, especially if you are proud of your garden, and https://pinterest.com/trueme/garden-sheds/ is a great place to get some inspiration.

How often will you be accessing this space and what do you keep in there? If you are a tradesman or a keen gardener with a lot of large equipment, then double doors will be important for ease of access to your belongings. Make sure the doors are in the right place depending on where you are going to put it in your garden, as even if the shed is perfect, it needs to work with its surroundings.  Think about whether you want windows to let in natural light or if you want it to be a darker space, and if so, how many windows do you want, this again will depend on what you keep in your shed and is down to personal choice.

Do you need a classic shed? That is another question you need to ask yourself when deciding.  If you usually use it as a storage place for bikes and their equipment, you could just buy a bike shed and not waste space in your garden.  If you generally just use it to store gardening equipment, these sorts of sheds will also work for you; a smaller space where everything is much more accessible. 

With such a wide range out there, you can guarantee there is a shed that will exactly meet your needs, and it is worth taking your time to find it.


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