Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Good link to find concrete sheds and metal storage

Just a quick link to some good storage solutions that I've found online today.

What do you look for when purchasing a storage shed? Are you a tradesman? Would you consider just draughting up some plans and doing a self build for such a project? Do you want to add value to your house or land by getting the planning permission you need to custom craft a timber building?

It’s surprising to know that for some storage out houses you do actually need planning permission – crazy huh? You’d generally think – well it’s my land – I can do what I want – the same goes for high hedges – did you know that your neighbour (if you’re based in the UK) can force you to reduce the size of your hedge or tree line with orders from the council? Hey, it might cost them £600 worth in admin for a signature of approval – but it can be done. The same is true for timber shed like storage that you may erect. If a neighbour complains and it’s a fixed structure of a certain size – you may be responsible for tearing down your lovely creation and have a full on neighbour war for years to come!

It’s so much wiser, especially if it’s a temporary move – say for instance you are living in a house for a year to avoid capital gains tax – to get more temporary storage shed solutions. At least then it won’t cost too much in time and labour to move or reassemble elsewhere – and there are some fairly decent offers within the DIY consumer market. I’ve just been checking out some fair pressure treated sheds and metal storage and have found some pretty good sites that offer various solutions. However if you’re wanting to build something akin to a garage in your back garden then the only place that I have some across today of any worth what so ever is

They’re based in Birmingham but do ship for online or telephone orders. I thought that these concrete sheds and garages could be a quick solution to anyone who is either contracting for tender in the estates facilities market or a private landlord / specialist construction firm wanting to re-purpose land and avoid labour time. It seems that whatever purposes you have for various storage requirements, there is literally nothing that you cannot find online!!!! Just search for concrete sheds… and wah-bang! And if you want to find cheaper competitors in the market try scanning on the links pages of some of these related companies by using advanced search commands like: inurl:link “sheds” + concrete. Easy as shed!


  1. Building a shed is a tough job but identifying the location of shed is more tough is particular cases, because some time the shed beauty is compromised by some tree or building of the house.

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